Dubai Glass Services

Dubai needs no introduction for its stunning, long and beautiful buildings. The actual secret lies in the structural constancy and illustration quality in architecture. But as far when beauty is concerned, Dubai Glass plays an important role to capture the attention of viewers while using as a building material.

Noor al Najam Glass Works is the most renowned company in Dubai that provides you best services from interior to design marine and vessels glasses. We work at excellence level due to having a large experience in this field. Our services are not restricted here but also we offer corporate and maintenance services. Our main asset is customer’s satisfaction because we are well aware of the need of our employees and that’s the reason for our success.

Our Visions

Noor Al Najam is one of the responsible organizations. Our vision is:

  • To be the most esteemed in the industry for delivering top-class aluminum and glass work services in a timely manner with the best quality.
  • To make our name more strengthened and widened.
  • To be recognized with a respected existence on the world map.

Our Mission

Our mission is, to grow glass market penetration in the Gulf through a flexible approach so that we facilitate further investment and corporate social issues. We believe in continuous improvement and like to provide the safest customer services, professionalism in work and learning environment.

Gulf Glass Projects in the Gulf Area

Gulf countries located around the Persian Gulf and all are emulating with one another. Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Oman and UAE are the states that are bordering the Persian Gulf. Among all, United Arab Emirates is the place which is the center of attention for all types of nations. People from all over the world visit this country. One of the reasons for its popularity lies in its tallest and beautifully designed buildings. We are competent to handle all types of work related to Gulf Glass. Many investors come here for trading and we surely satisfy them with our architectural, art glass and edge work.

We deal with various projects with a professional attitude. Hayat Regency, Mall Counter, JLT Glass Works are few examples of our vocation. We take special care to carry out the legal obligation in business dealings. Our work is safe and secured and we tend to provide a hazard-free atmosphere to our clients.

Our Services

NOOR GLASS WORKS is a structural glazing company with full designing capabilities including maintenance and supporting features. We supply energy saving glass which is present in the market across the Gulf. We dealt with best interior glass solutions and developed a trusted name among homeowners and builders.

Maintenance for Dubai Glass Replacement

We provide reliable maintenance services of Aluminum and Glass doors and windows in the right way. If you need to replace any kind of glass you can satisfactory contact us because our Dubai glass replacement services are best and within affordable rates. You can also fix your floor springs and door closer from us. We also do the installation of general and heavy-duty doors properly. We fix the gaps between the doors evenly and our customers never complain about any issue regarding to the fixation or installation of doors and windows.

Art Glass Designs for Emirates Glass

We have successfully established an international reputation in the respective fields of Emirates Glass. We appeal a wide range of people to experience the use of art glass in their home and business locations. Etching designs on glass enhance the beauty at maximum level. Our work on sandblasting designs and logos are also the source of catching attention and do appreciate by guests. Moreover, simple glass is also valuable and contains need to be used in some places.

Emirates Glasses are best suited and most desire able in the Middle East. The reason is that Emirates Glass is constructed by hi-tech measuring facilities for visual and thermal properties of glassy panels. It fulfills a globally recognized standard that is the main demand of customers.

Edge Work

We are most beloved across the scale from the business landmarks projects to the small residential kitchen and bathrooms. Our work includes polishing and beveling for mirrors and table tops. Also, we provide bullet proof mirrors for security concerns.

Marine and Vessel Glass

To choose the right material for your marine vehicles is really an essential choice. We provide pothole glass and high-pressure vessels which are most accepted and trendy marine glazing options.  Glasses for curved windscreen have a complex shape but plays a very important role within luxury yachts. We can repair and maintain bridge windscreens technically.

Observation panel is the most important place that is designed to withstand everything that open water throws at them. Thus waterproof windows and doors are the compulsory items. You can also get a wide range of fixed windows to meet the solution of your needs with us.

UAE Glass Fixer

A cracked glass completely loss its attraction. It not only destroys the beauty but also become a danger element because it can cut the skin of those coming near to it. We can understand the pain when your most favorite item breaks due to any sudden incident. So for your pleasure, we proudly offer our services to repair your delicate glass with our expert hands in UAE.

Of course, glass repairing and fixation is skilled work. We strive to provide the best quality work among other UAE Glass Fixers. Our technicians enable to remove deep scratches and can bring the shine of glass like an original one.

Other than glass replacement, we also offer services to remove mineral deposits, cement splatters, paint and acid damages with high-quality results. We are like an all-rounder UAE Fixer. You can save your time and inconvenience by contacting us. Moreover, it is nice to inform you that our services are not very costly. Thus you can also save your money by utilizing our services.

Dubai Glass Works in Dubai’s Buildings

Dubai is the city with having the most fascinating and modern building’s structures. The quality of Dubai Glass Works can be impressively observed in various buildings such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Atlantis the Palm, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Emirates Tower and the Opus are the few examples. For the sake of your interest, I do like to add here a little information about some of these splendors buildings of Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest building around the world. Its height is at over 828 meters with 162 floors. The glass used in it is heat strengthened and offers total design flexibility. This glass had solar and thermal control property and was supplied by Guardian Glass.
  • Dubai Frame is a great place to visit and show the brilliance of architectures and engineers at the extreme level. It is a picture frame that shows the past and future of Dubai from alternatives sides. According to

“Visitors to the Frame can explore a third perceptive from 150m up, with a 360-degree view from the structure’s 25sqm crystal-clear glass panel”.

  • Atlantis, the Palm is designed with glam interiors and attractive pink sandcastle. It is situated at the major position on the top of the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. It is famous due its Water Park and three-story aquarium in which a thin sheet of glass is used to separate people from the water and keep them safe from the danger of marine life that swims by.
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the five-star hotels which have designed in cresting wave shape. There are 51 floors. Glass elevator in this family resort enables you to view the sea and artificial islands till you reach above the tower.
  • Emirates Tower is the distinctive skyscraper and the most iconic building in UAE. Both copper and silver reflective glass of the slim towers captures the sunlight all over the day and at night, enhance the dazzling city lights.
  • The Opus is another inventive approach of architectures, constructed in the shape of a cube with two separate glass towers joined by steel and a glass bridge. The double curved glass of the Opus is heat resistant, extremely strong and is set upon a mold to provide a unique shape.

Dubai Wood Work

When we talk about Dubai wood work, it can be confidently said that all companies struggle their best to fulfill the challenging tasks and meet the highest level of perfection by helping the clients to see the vast era of the woodwork. Just like Dubai has progressed into the leader in property and architecture, this city has also raised its name in the wood industry by supplying luxury and best quality interior wood works and furniture.

Modern technology and traditional techniques, both are the part of mostly projects in Dubai. In fact, it is what that makes Dubai a distinctive area. Visitors feel it as an attractive factor that the characteristics of two different periods have combined together in a single project so that it delivers the message that we never forget our traditions and are able to meet the necessities of the current age.

To maintain your property in the best condition improves living standards. Hassle free area ensures a healthy environment thus you can feel happier in well-decorated place and enjoy a better life style. So we strongly recommend you to do something special for your homes, offices or buildings by selecting the features that are meaningful and long-lasting. Furniture equipment, Wall paneling, kitchen cabinets, door installation and skirting are few options that can increase the pleasure.

The charm and flexibility of wood give life to the client’s dreams but professionalism and full reliability is the most demanding factor. Wood work needs skilled carpenters that can show a high level of expertise in shaping, cutting and installation of materials during construction and renovation work. Bespoke handmade methods and art machinery methods can be used for wooden fittings. These methods allow delivering all projects with a maximum degree of efficiency and satisfaction.

The art of joining or connecting wooden pieces is the core concept of excellent wood working. Whether it is a simple woodwork or a complete designing project, joinery divisions remain as an important factor during the execution of a project. Now it is up to you to select the company that maintains a strong relationship with its customers and also ensures cost-effective and reliable services.

Dubai Ceiling Work

There are many types of ceilings such as conventional, shed, suspended, beam and tray ceiling etc. Although Dubai ceiling work is famous in all kinds but suspended ceiling is more required at the economic level. The reason for it is that the suspended ceiling is energy efficient as it helps in reducing heat during summer and cold in winters thus saving electricity. The suspended ceiling is also called a false ceiling.

The false ceiling is made under the original roof structure of an apartment or office. Wooden or metal frames are used to make a false ceiling. Instead of going towards the simple or flat ceiling, people mostly prefer false ceiling because it provides a cost-effective solution and also its gap, which is produced between two roofs, is beneficial to act as a duct to carry all wirings.

You can make your homes or offices more beautiful and elegant with the help of efficient lighting effects. These are hidden lights inside the ceiling and can produce cove or floating light effects. There are top false ceiling suppliers in Dubai that provide attractive and stylish ceiling boards to gain the interest of people. You can easily find skilled and experienced ceiling contractors who have captured the entire market of the ceiling in Dubai.